Which Getty Images Coupon Code Should You Get?

With its merger with Corbis, Getty Images has easily become the leading stock content source in the market. It boasts a whopping 200-million collection of images, illustrations, videos and more. Whether you’re looking for commercial-ready or editorial stock footage, you bet you can find them at the stock site. What you need to think about now is which Getty Images coupon code you should get.

Currently, we offer two Getty Images coupons:

  • 30% off Ultrapacks. Ultrapacks are packs with built-in savings. They come with different volume sizes and divided by image resolution. They have no expiration date too, so you can download the footages as you need them. Our coupon lets you save up to 30% when you buy Getty Images purchase packs.
  • $100 off a 1080p HD Video. Our Getty Images coupon code gives you a $100 discount when you sign up with an Ultrapack. The savings can be applied per 1080p HD video purchased.

Why should you get a Getty Images coupon code? For one, the stock site is the leading stock media agency in the market today. It has a huge collection of video footage, totaling over 50,000 hours of film. You can find premium archival to contemporary film in HD and 4K. Amazing archival collections from popular media partners are also available, including films from BBC Motion, National Geographic and Bloomberg.

There are also some downsides in the stock media site. One, it is more expensive than other microstock agencies. The lowest stock footage prices can be the same range of medium-to-highest price points in other stock site. Two, buying editorial footage can be complex. You can’t buy editorial footages a la carte, thus their price can turn out to be higher than Royalty-Free footages.

Which Getty Images coupon should you get? If you want to purchase more than one footage, we recommend the first coupon for more savings. If you only need one stock footage for a one-time project, the second coupon code is the perfect option for you.

The Ups and Downs of Using Cheap Stock Photos

What are cheap stock photos? Perhaps, the simplest way to explain stock photography is to compare it to purchasing clothes from a dressmaker or ready-to-wears. If you want an outfit that perfectly fits your body, you should get your measurements taken by the dressmaker. The same is true with stock photos. If you want the perfect images for your brand, you should take them yourself. However, they are both expensive.


On the other hand, ready-to-wears or RTW are cheaper than customized clothing. It is pretty much the same with stock photos. They are cheaper than conducting your own photoshoot. They are usually generalized so they may fit anyone else’s creative needs. But if you want something quick and cheap, stock photography is for you. Cheap stock photos may not precisely fit your brand, but they are amazing too.

There are ups and downs when it comes to using cheap stock photos. You just have to use them on your discretion.


  • Cheap stock photos are not original. When you visit stock sites, you will find thousands of shots that look similar, with varying quality.
  • They can be bought by anyone. Use cheap stock photos from this link and risk looking like other websites out there. You can also purchase exclusive rights with rights managed license, but they can be expensive.
  • They are often cliché. While stock photography has its strengths, originality is not one of them. Browse through library of stock sites, you will find the same images of a family laughing, an office environment, holding hands, etc.


  • Cheap stock photos are great for mock-ups and comps. You can make a presentation to your clients with little money and time – thanks to stock photography. Stock sites allow you to save low-resolution comps for free to be presented to the clients. If they like the presentation, you can proceed to purchasing the full version then.
  • They are cheaper and quicker than conducting your own photoshoot. It takes time and money to coordinate a photoshoot. With stock photography, everything is done. You just have to purchase and go.
  • They are available for download. You don’t have to wait to download cheap stock photos. Once you purchase them, you can get them instantly.


Cheap stock photos are taken without any brief from a client. The photographers take the photos and submit them to a stock photo site in order to be licensed. The cheap stock photos will then be purchased for a price based on usage or a flat fee. Anyone will be able to purchase them. Thus, you will see them in a number of websites – perhaps even your competitor’s site. These images can be used over and over again without paying for royalty fees each time.

iStock Promo Code Just Got Better

Are you looking for iStock coupons to get discounts from your favorite stock photo website from Scotland? Most of the Scottish designers will search for them online. Well, you have come to the right page. We have got our hands on exclusive coupon codes, which can give you great discounts on your preferred credit package and subscription plan. Unlike other coupons that only last for a short period of time, ours will give you reduction on yearly subscriptions. Here’s how to redeem these amazing coupons from Scotland.


  1. Choose a credit package or subscription plan you wish to buy. Our iStockphoto coupon codes can give you discounts on both. You can get 10% off of credit packs if you are a new customer. On the other hand, 15% off is given to all customers – old and new. In choosing between these two, consider your creative needs and budget.
  2. Log on the stock photo agency. You will be asked to log in your account to proceed to checkout. If you already have an account, just enter your iStock details. If you do not have an account, do not worry. The registration is free and does not require much of your time.
  3. Enter necessary information. Once signed in, you will be asked to enter your Billing & Shipping information. You will be required to fill out personal details, too. Right below that field and above the VAT information, you will see the iStock coupon code box. Enter your coupon code. Keep in mind that the code will be applied on the payment page, where you will be asked to provide your credit card details or PayPal account.

Congratulations! You just saved 10% off iStock credit packages and 15% off subscription plans. Of course, we recommend buying 60 or more credits to get the best value for your money. Credit packages are already sold on a “buy more, save more” principle. Imagine how much more you can save more with our exclusive discounts.

istock photo logo

Best content is a standard at the stock photo website. iStock has millions of high quality, royalty-free images with more added every day. It also offers some of the best stock photo rates in the market without compromising quality. If you are looking for a great deal to jump-start or complete your creative project, the stock site is one the best choices. Furthermore, you can get discounts and promotions to add to your savings. We, at Stock Photo Secrets, assure you that only active and valid codes are found in our website. You can be sure that you will get that price reduction you wanted so much.

What are you waiting for? Get your iStock promo codes now!